Andy Berndt

Vice President, Google

Andy Berndt is a Vice President at Google and founder of Google Creative Lab.

The Creative Lab is a small group of creative people at Google who help connect users to the magic of Google technology and the spirit of the people who create it.

Andy started the Creative Lab at Google in 2007. Since then, the Lab has been involved with almost all of Google’s major efforts, including Android, Chrome, the self-driving car, Google Glass, Project Loon, and many others.

Andy joined Google from Ogilvy, where he was Co-President of Ogilvy’s New York office. Prior to taking this role, Andy ran Ogilvy’s advertising business in New York and was a Group Creative Director and copywriter on the IBM account.

Earlier, Andy was recruited by Steve Jobs and Lee Clow to help Chiat/Day, Los Angeles, relaunch the Apple brand. He ran the business at Chiat/Day and guided the “Think Different” campaign, the launch of the iMac and the introduction of the Apple Online Store. Andy joined Chiat/Day from Wieden & Kennedy where he helmed the Nike account and oversaw the U.S. business. Also at Wieden & Kennedy, Andy led segments of the Microsoft account, including the introduction of Windows 95.

Andy’s work has been recognized by various industry bodies in the U.S. and abroad. He was inducted into the Hall of Achievement by the American Advertising Federation in 2007. Andy has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Duke University, where he also played basketball under coach K.